Vermont Moose Hunting

Experience the Thrill of Vermont Moose Hunting

Vermont offers exciting opportunities for moose hunting, providing both archery and regular seasons. Here's what you need to know:

Archery Season (Oct. 1–7)

  • A 7-day archery season in October is perfect for those who prefer bowhunting.
  • Enjoy the challenge of pursuing moose with archery equipment.

Regular Season (6 Consecutive Days)

  • The regular moose hunting season spans 6 consecutive days, starting on the third Saturday in October.
  • This season offers a unique hunting experience.

Moose Hunting Information

  • Moose hunting details, including season dates, permits, and regulations, will be available on Fish & Wildlife's website in April.
  • Stay tuned for updates and important information.

Vermont's Rich Moose Hunting History

  • Modern, regulated moose hunting in Vermont began in 1993.
  • Over the years, nearly 6,700 moose have been harvested, providing approximately 935 tons of boneless moose meat.

Season Proposal

  • Each winter, department biologists analyze various data sources, including hunter- and road-killed moose, sighting data from hunters, and more.
  • This information is used to develop a hunting season proposal for the Fish & Wildlife Board.

Lottery System

  • Moose hunting permits are distributed through a lottery system.
  • Lottery winners must wait for 5 years before applying again for the moose lottery.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable moose hunting experience in Vermont. Stay updated with the latest information on the Fish & Wildlife website, and get ready to embark on your hunting adventure.

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