Vermont's Unique Fishing Calendar: Explore Seasonal Waters

Dive into Vermont's rich tapestry of fishing opportunities, where each season paints a different hue on the canvas of angling adventures. Discover the intricacies of our seasonal fishing regulations, guiding you through the rhythm of nature's pulse:

Lakes and Ponds: Jewel-toned Retreats

  1. Bald Hill Pond, Westmore
  2. Beaver Pond, Holland
  3. Beck Pond, Newark
  4. Beebe Pond, Sunderland
  5. Big Mud Pond, Mt. Tabor
  6. Bourn Pond, Sunderland
  7. Branch Pond, Sunderland
  8. Cary Pond, Walden
  9. Cow Mountain Pond, Granby
  10. Duck Pond, Sutton
  11. Forest Lake, Averill
  12. Griffith Lake, Mt. Tabor
  13. Holland Pond, Holland
  14. Jobs Pond, Westmore
  15. Lake Pleiad, Hancock
  16. Levi Pond, Groton
  17. Lewis Pond, Lewis
  18. Little Rock Pond, Wallingford
  19. Long Pond, Westmore
  20. Marl Pond, Sutton
  21. Martins Pond, Peacham
  22. North Pond, Chittenden
  23. Notch Pond, Ferdinand
  24. Perch Pond (Zack Woods Pond), Hyde Park
  25. Pigeon Pond, Groton
  26. Red Mill Pond, Woodford
  27. Silver Lake, Leicester
  28. South America Pond, Ferdinand
  29. South Pond, Marlboro
  30. Spring Lake, Shrewsbury
  31. Stannard Pond, Stannard
  32. Sterling Pond, Cambridge
  33. Stoughton Pond, Weathersfield
  34. Stratton Pond, Stratton
  35. Unknown Pond, Averys Gore
  36. Unknown Pond, Ferdinand
  37. Vail Pond, Sutton
  38. Vernon Hatchery Pond, Vernon
  39. West Mountain Pond, Maidstone
  40. Wheeler Pond, Barton and Sutton
  41. Zack Woods (Perch Pond), Hyde Park

Rivers and Streams: Nature's Melodic Flow

Experience the serenade of Vermont's rivers and streams, where fishing tales are woven into the fabric of flowing currents and lush landscapes.

  • All rivers and streams in Vermont

Fishing Harmony with Nature

In harmony with nature's cadence, embrace catch and release angling outside of harvest seasons, ensuring the preservation of our aquatic ecosystems.

Navigate Nature's Symphony

Let nature's symphony guide your angling pursuits through Vermont's seasonal waters, where each melody is a testament to the timeless rhythm of life.

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