Vermont Small Game Hunting: Species, Seasons, Bag Limits, and Regulations

Gray Squirrels

  • Habitat and Location: Thrive in areas with mature oak, hickory, and beech trees; commonly found in the southwestern Vermont, Champlain Valley, and along the Connecticut River.
  • Hunting Challenge: Known for being a challenging target when stalked with a .22 rifle.
  • Meat Quality: Delicate meat, often compared favorably with rabbit.

Cottontail Rabbits

  • Primary Habitats: Predominantly located in the Southwestern Foothills and Champlain Valley, including the Champlain Islands.
  • Hunting Methods: Can be hunted using beagles and shotguns or stalked with a .22 rifle, often found in brushy hedgerows, overgrown fields, and shrub-filled creek bottoms.

Snowshoe Hare

  • Statewide Distribution: Found across Vermont but most abundant in areas with active forest management.
  • Preferred Habitats: Dense, low-growing softwood areas like cedar swamps, spruce bogs, and young spruce and fir thickets.
  • Winter Adaptations: Seasonally white coats and large hind feet for winter activity.
  • Hunting Preferences: Favoured by hunters with hounds, known for preferring to run rather than hide when pursued.

Seasons and Bag Limits

  • Gray Squirrel Season and Limits: September 1 – December 31; daily limit of 4, possession limit of 8.
  • Rabbit and Hare Season and Limits: September 30, 2023 – March 10, 2024, and September 28, 2024 – March 9, 2025; daily limit of 3, possession limit of 6. WMUs D & E open through March 31.

Regulation on Sale

  • Prohibition of Sale: It is illegal to buy or sell wild birds, rabbits, hares, or gray squirrels in Vermont.
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