Exploring Vermont's Trophy Trout Streams

Unveiling Vermont's Trout Fishing Paradise

Vermont boasts some of the finest trout fishing opportunities in the Northeast, with streams teeming with wild brook trout, rainbows, and browns flourishing in pristine habitats. For anglers seeking an exhilarating challenge and the chance to reel in a trophy-sized catch, Vermont's Trophy Trout Program offers an unparalleled experience.

Where to Find Trophy Trout

Embark on a trout fishing adventure at one of Vermont's designated trophy trout streams, where thousands of two-year-old brookies, rainbows, and browns, some exceeding 18 inches in length, await your cast. Here's a glimpse of the picturesque locations where these prized catches can be found:

  1. Black River (Rt. 131 in Weathersfield and Cavendish): Explore a stretch from Downers covered bridge upstream approximately 4 miles to the Howard Hill Bridge.

  2. Deerfield River (Searsburg): Cast your line from the downstream edge of the East Branch Trailhead Bridge upstream 4 miles to the bridge on Somerset Road near Forest Road 71 junction.

  3. East Creek (Rutland City): Delve into the waters from the confluence with Otter Creek upstream approximately 2.7 miles to the top of the Patch Dam.

  4. Lamoille River (Fairfax): Navigate from the bridge on Route 104 in the Village of Fairfax upstream approximately 1.6 miles to the top of the Fairfax Falls Dam.

  5. Little River (Waterbury): Explore from the confluence with Winooski River upstream to the top of the Waterbury Reservoir Dam.

  6. Missisquoi River (Enosburg and Sheldon): Discover a scenic stretch from Kane Road bridge upstream approximately 5.7 miles to the top of the Enosburg Falls Dam.

  7. Otter Creek (Danby and Mt. Tabor): Cast your line from the Vermont Railway Bridge north of the fishing access upstream approximately 2 miles to the Danby-Mt. Tabor Forest Rd. Bridge.

  8. Passumpsic River (Village of St. Johnsbury): Engage in angling from the top of the Gage Dam upstream approximately 2.4 miles to the top of the Arnold Falls Dam.

  9. Moose River (St. Johnsbury): Explore from the confluence with the Passumpsic River upstream approximately 350 feet to the downstream edge of the Concord Avenue bridge.

  10. Walloomsac River (Shaftsbury and Bennington): Cast your line from the Vermont/New York border upstream to the top of the former Vermont Tissue Plant Dam in Bennington.

  11. Winooski River (Duxbury and Waterbury): Embark on a fishing expedition from the top of the Bolton Dam upstream to the Route 2 Bridge.

Regulations and Seasons

These designated stream sections allow trout harvest from the second Saturday in April through October 31, with a daily limit of 2 trout per angler. However, catch and release angling using artificial flies and lures is permitted year-round, offering anglers ample opportunities to hone their skills and enjoy the thrill of catch-and-release fishing.

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