Black Bear Hunting Season Details

Here are the details for the Black Bear hunting season in Washington:

  • Season Dates: August 1 - November 15
  • Area Restriction: Fall bear hunting is banned on GMUs 157, 490, and 522. Bear hunting in GMU 485 requires a specific deer or elk permit.
  • License Required: A valid big-game hunting license with a black bear option is required.
  • Second Black Bear License/Tag: Hunters may buy two black bear transit tags/licenses, but a second black bear requires a new transport tag/license.
  • Bag Limit: Two black bears per licensing year are allowed.
  • Hunting Method: Any legal weapon may be used to hunt black bear. No bait or hounds are authorized for bear hunting (RCW 77.15.245).
  • Female with Cubs: Hunters should avoid shooting a mother with cubs. In the autumn, mothers may travel with 30-50 lb pups, which do not go quickly. Be patient before shooting.
  • Bear Identification Test: Hunters in certain GMUs must score 80% or better on the yearly WDFW online bear identification exam and provide confirmation of passing or an equivalent from another state.
  • Where to Shoot a Bear: The best shot is broadside, behind the bear's upper arm as it advances.
  • Identification of Grizzly and Black Bear: Federal and state laws prohibit shooting or killing grizzlies. Some GMUs require bear identification tests.
  • Mandatory Submission of Bear Teeth: WAC 220-415-090 requires all bear hunters to submit their first premolar tooth within 5 days of harvest, or by December 1, 2023. Send teeth in WDFW's pre-paid, self-addressed mortality envelope.
  • Age Verification: An external laboratory ages teeth up to six months following the fall big game hunting season.
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