Overview of Hunter and Trapper Education in Washington

Hunter Education Training

  • Timing: First-time hunters are advised to complete training early in the year. Few classes are available post-August.
  • Information and Enrollment: Visit or call 360-902-8111 for details on current classes and training requirements.

Types of Learning

  1. Traditional Course: In-person instruction from hunter education instructors.
  2. Online Class with Field Skills Evaluation:
    • Self-Paced: Complete the class online at your own pace.
    • Field Skills Evaluation: After passing the online test, students must demonstrate safe firearm handling in various hunting scenarios.

Hunter Education Deferral Option

  • Eligibility: Available for individuals aged 10 and older, for a once-in-a-lifetime, one license-year deferral.
  • Restrictions: Participants can join general hunting seasons through March 31, 2024, but are ineligible for special permit hunts.
  • Application and Fee: Requires a $20 application fee. Visit for more details.

Trapper Education

  • Requirement: Mandatory completion of Washington trapper education training or a successful challenge of the written exam for the first-time license purchase.
  • Classroom Courses: Limited number of courses offered yearly.
  • Further Information: Visit for more on trapper education.

Bowhunter Education

  • Not Mandatory for Hunting in Washington: The program doesn't fulfill the hunter education requirement.
  • Purpose: Useful for hunters aiming to bow hunt in states where this education is mandatory or for those seeking to enhance their bowhunting skills.
  • Additional Details: For more information, visit

Hunter Education Instructor Incentive Permits: Details and Restrictions


Hunter Education Instructor Incentive Permits are allocated through a random drawing, specifically designed for qualified hunter education instructors. These permits offer additional hunting opportunities as a token of appreciation for their contributions. Instructors are eligible for one incentive permit per year and must adhere to specific rules and regulations.

Regional Permit Allocations and Restrictions

Region 1

  • Eligible Game: Any White-tailed deer.
  • GMUs: Any 100 series GMU, excluding GMU 157.
  • Dates: All general season and permit seasons for included GMUs.
  • Permits: 3.
  • Exclusions: Seasons and permits for master hunters, youth, hunters with disabilities, or hunters aged 65 and older, unless qualified. Raffle and auction hunts excluded.

Region 2

  • Eligible Game and GMUs:
    • Any White-tailed deer in GMUs 204, 215, 233, 239 (1 Permit).
    • Any White-tailed deer in GMUs 218, 224, 231, 242 (1 Permit).
    • Any deer in GMUs 218, 231 (1 Permit).
    • Any deer in GMUs 245, 247 (1 Permit).
    • Any deer in GMU 290 (1 Permit).

Region 3

  • Eligible Game and GMUs:
    • Any deer in GMUs 335-368 (2 Permits).
    • Any bull in GMUs 334, 336-371 (1 Permit).

Region 4

  • Eligible Game and GMUs:
    • Any deer in any 400 series GMU, excluding GMUs 485 and 490 (4 Permits).
    • Any elk in GMUs 454, 460 (1 Permit).

Region 5

  • Eligible Game and GMUs:
    • Any deer in all 500 series GMUs, excluding GMUs 522 and 578 (3 Permits).
    • Any elk in GMUs 382, 388, and all 500 series GMUs except GMU 522 (1 Permit).

Region 6

  • Eligible Game and GMUs:
    • Any deer in any 600 series GMUs (4 Permits).
    • Any elk in GMUs 618, 638-648, 654, 658, 663, 672, 699 (1 Permit).


  • Eligible Game: One male turkey or turkey with visible beard.
  • Dates: April 1 - May 31.
  • Permits: 4.
  • Note: This is in addition to other spring season turkey harvests.

General Regulations for Permit Holders

  • Weapon Use: Permit hunters must use the legal weapon for the season dates being hunted.
  • Safety Requirements: Hunter orange and/or hunter pink is required during modern firearm seasons.
  • License and Tag: Permittees may purchase a second license and tag for use with the permit hunt only.

Key Criteria for Hunter Education Instructors

  • Qualified hunter education instructors can only receive one incentive permit each year.
  • Instructors must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the drawing.

This program reflects a commitment to recognizing the vital role of hunter education instructors in promoting safe and responsible hunting practices.

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