Raffle Permit Hunts in Washington State

Raffle Permit Overview

In Washington State, the sale of single-species raffle tickets contributes to the management and benefit of that particular species, while proceeds from multiple species raffle tickets go towards general game management. There's no limit on the number of tickets an individual can purchase, and both residents and non-residents are eligible. However, once bought, raffle tickets are non-refundable.

Raffle Hunt Specifics

  • "Once in a Lifetime Harvest" Waiver: This restriction does not apply to auction and raffle hunts.
  • License/Tag Issuance: Winners are issued the appropriate license and tag at no cost and must be eligible to purchase a hunting license.
  • Additional Licenses: Deer and elk raffle winners may buy an additional deer or elk license/tag for the general hunting season.
  • Weapon Choice: Any legal weapon may be used during the hunt.

Selection Process

  • Draw Process: One winner and two alternates are drawn for each hunt via a computerized system. Winners are notified by phone and mail by mid-August.
  • Multi-Species Decision: For multi-species raffles, winners must decide which species they wish to hunt before hunting licenses and tags are issued.

Reporting and Limits

  • Accidental Take: If a raptor captures any species in a closed season, the falconer must release it if uninjured. If seriously injured or killed, especially if it's a sensitive or protected species, the incident must be reported.
  • Take Limit: Accidental take cannot exceed five individuals per season. Hunting ceases for the day if a listed species is taken.
  • Report Submission: Reports of accidental take must be submitted to the WDFW falconry manager by April 1 each year.

Raffle Ticket Purchase and Prices

Tickets are available at authorized license dealers, with different prices for various species:

  • Deer, Elk, Moose, Mountain Goat: $6 per ticket.
  • Bighorn Sheep: $11.50 per ticket.
  • Multi-species: $17 per ticket for three-species raffles, $22.50 per ticket for four-species raffles.

Hunt Opportunities

Raffle permit hunts offer a range of opportunities for various species, including Black-tailed Deer, California Bighorn Sheep, Eastside Elk, Moose, Mountain Goat, Mule Deer, and more. Each species comes with specified hunt areas and bag limits, offering a unique hunting experience for the selected winners.

Other Raffle Permits

Apart from the regular species raffle, there are special raffles like the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, managed by the Washington Wild Sheep Foundation, with its own set of rules, prices, and deadlines.

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