Accessing State Recreation Lands & Water Sites in Washington

Overview of Parking Pass Requirements

For parking on state recreation lands in Washington, anglers, hunters, and other visitors must use either the WDFW Vehicle Access Pass or the Washington State Discover Pass.

WDFW Vehicle Access Pass (VAP)

  • Inclusion: Most annual hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses include a complimentary Vehicle Access Pass.
  • Usage: Valid at WDFW wildlife areas and water access sites.
  • Restriction: This pass is only applicable to WDFW managed lands.

Washington State Discover Pass

  • Application: Necessary for parking at recreational properties owned or managed by Washington State Parks or the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Versatility: Also valid on WDFW managed lands.
  • Contribution: Revenue from the Discover Pass aids in the maintenance and operation of state recreation lands.

Where to Purchase

  • Online: Purchase fishing and hunting licenses (including VAP) at and at Discover Pass 
  • Phone: Call 360-902-2464 for licenses and VAP; 866-320-9933 for the Discover Pass.
  • Retail Outlets: Licenses and passes are available at retail vendors. Find a list at Discover Passes can be bought at state parks and parks system offices.

Displaying Your Parking Pass

  • Visibility Requirement: When parked on state recreation lands, the pass must be visibly displayed from outside the vehicle.
  • Transferability: Both passes can be transferred between two vehicles.
  • Usage Limitation: A single pass can only be used on one vehicle at a time.

State Recreation Lands & Water Access Sites

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