Resident License Fees and Requirements

Conservation Stamp (Class CS): $5.00

  • Requirement: Mandatory for licensed anglers, excluding holders of Class X, X3, XP, XJ, XS, A-L, B-L, and AB-L licenses.

Hunting and Trapping (Class A): $19.00

  • Description: Allows hunting and trapping activities.

Fishing (Class B): $19.00

  • Description: Grants access to fishing opportunities.

Sportsman Hunting/Fishing/Trapping (Class X): $35.00

  • Eligibility: Applicable for individuals aged 18 through 64.
  • Coverage: Encompasses hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges.

NEW Sportsman Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Plus (Class XP): $45.00

  • Type: Annual license.
  • Inclusions: Includes the trout stamp.

NEW Sportsman Hunting/Fishing/Trapping 3-year (Class X3): $105.00

  • Type: Three-year license.
  • Benefits: Offers a comprehensive Sportsman license for an extended duration.

NEW Sportsman Hunting/Fishing/Trapping Plus 3-year (Class XP3): $135.00

  • Type: Three-year license.
  • Enhancements: Includes the trout stamp alongside the Sportsman privileges.

Five-day Fishing (Class L): $8.00

  • Duration: Valid for five days.
  • Purpose: Suited for short-term fishing activities.

Junior Sportsman Hunting/Fishing/Trapping (Class XJ): $16.00

  • Age Group: Designed for ages 15 through 17.
  • Privileges: Provides access to hunting, fishing, and trapping pursuits.

Trout Fishing Stamp (Class O): $10.00

  • Requirement: Essential for licensed anglers targeting trout, except for holders of Class XS, XP, and XP3 licenses.

Apprentice Junior Hunting/Trapping/Fishing (Class AHJ): $16.00

  • Age Group: Intended for ages 15-17.
  • Benefits: Includes privileges equivalent to Class XJ, catering to novice hunters, trappers, and anglers.

Nonresident License Fees and Requirements

Conservation/Law Enforcement Stamp (Class CS/LE): $13.00

  • Mandatory: Required for all licensed anglers.

Fishing (Class F): $37.00

  • Description: Allows nonresident individuals to engage in fishing activities.

One Day Fishing (Class LL): $3.00

  • Validity: Provides fishing privileges for a single day.

Junior Sportsman Hunting/Fishing/Trapping (Class XXJ): $16.00

  • Age Range: Applicable for ages 8 through 17.
  • Exemption: Not mandatory for fishing under age 15.

National Forest Hunting/Trapping/Fishing (Class I): $2.00

  • Requirement: Compulsory for licensed anglers, excluding holders of Class XXJ licenses.

Trout Fishing Stamp (Class OO): $16.00

  • Necessity: Mandatory for licensed anglers targeting trout.

Apprentice Junior Hunting/Trapping/Fishing (Class AAHJ): $16.00

  • Age Group: Designed for ages 15-17.
  • Benefits: Offers privileges equivalent to Class XXJ.

Special Hunting and Fishing License for Persons with a Life-threatening Condition (Class DT): FREE

  • Eligibility: Issued for ages 20 or less.
  • Additional Requirements: Does not necessitate additional licenses or stamps.

Lifetime License Options for Residents


Residents of West Virginia have the option to acquire lifetime hunting, trapping, and fishing licenses, which serve as substitutes for annual licenses. Applications for these licenses are accessible at DNR offices, authorized license agents, and online via

Combination Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing (Class AB-L): $805

  • Description: Grants lifetime privileges for hunting, trapping, and fishing activities.
  • Application: Available for residents through various channels.

NEW - Combination Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing - Child (Class AB-L)*

  • Under Age 1: $322.00
  • Age 1 to Under 5: $442.75
  • Age 5 to Under 10: $603.75
  • Age 10 to Under 15: $724.50

Senior Hunting/Trapping/Fishing License (Class XS): $25

  • Eligibility: Available for resident individuals aged 65 or older, effective from January 1, 2012.
  • Inclusions: Includes a trout stamp.
  • Exceptions: Not applicable for holders of Class A-L and AB-L licenses, necessitating additional stamp purchases.

Fishing (Class B-L)*: $552.00

  • Description: Provides lifetime fishing privileges for residents.
  • Age-based Pricing: Varies based on the age of the license holder.

NEW - Fishing - Child (Class B-L)*

  • Under Age 1: $220.80
  • Age 1 to Under 5: $303.60
  • Age 5 to Under 10: $414.00
  • Age 10 to Under 15: $496.80

Trout Fishing (Class O-L)**: $230.00

  • Requirement: Mandatory for lifetime license holders wishing to fish for trout.
  • Accompaniment: Valid only when accompanied by a Class B, AB-L, B-L, X, or XJ license.

NEW - Trout Fishing - Child (Class O-L)**

  • Under Age 1: $92.00
  • Age 1 to Under 5: $126.50
  • Age 5 to Under 10: $172.50
  • Age 10 to Under 15: $207.00

*Note: The lifetime license fee schedule for children under 15 also applies to legally adopted or foster care children. Conservation Stamp not required.

**Note: The lifetime license fee schedule for children under 15 also applies to legally adopted or foster care children, valid only with specified licenses.

Definition of Resident

A resident is defined as an individual who has been domiciled in West Virginia continuously for a period of 30 consecutive days or more immediately prior to the date of application for a license or permit. This includes members of the U.S. armed forces stationed outside the state who were West Virginia residents upon entering the service, as well as full-time students of colleges or universities within the state. Nonresident, full-time students of any West Virginia college or university are also eligible to purchase lifetime licenses.

Trout Stamp Requirements

For lifetime license holders who turned 65 after December 31, 2011, the purchase of a trout stamp is necessary, unless they possess the Senior Lifetime License, which already includes this privilege.

Exemptions from Trout Stamp Requirement

Individuals in the following groups do not need a trout stamp:

  • Residents who turned 65 years of age before January 1, 2012.
  • Resident and nonresident youth under 15 years of age.
  • Residents who are disabled veterans receiving 100% permanent service-connected disability or former POWs.
  • Residents on active duty in the U.S. armed forces while on military leave. Leave number must be carried while fishing.
  • Holders of senior lifetime licenses (XS).

Fishing License NOT Required for

Certain categories of individuals are exempt from the requirement of a fishing license:

Residents Who Are:

  • Totally blind, with a physician's statement or certificate to be carried while fishing. A trout stamp is not necessary for trout fishing.
  • Aged 65 years or older before January 1, 2012, with a valid WV driver’s license or WV photo ID card issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles to be carried while fishing.
  • Under 15 years of age, whether residents or nonresidents.
  • On active duty in the U.S. armed forces while on military leave, with a leave number to be carried while fishing.
  • Resident landowners or their resident children, resident parents, or bona fide resident tenants of such land, fishing on their own land during open seasons, following applicable laws and regulations.
  • Honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces and receiving total permanent service-connected disability benefits, or former prisoners of war, as determined by the Veterans Administration, and exempted from payment of any motor vehicle registration fee by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. Such individuals must carry a card issued by the DNR.
  • In-patients of any state mental hospital, health, or benevolent institution under proper supervision, with a written statement or certificate signed by the superintendent of the institution or facility to be carried while fishing.
  • Developmentally disabled residents, with a DDFL card issued by the DNR to be carried while fishing. A trout stamp is not required for trout fishing.
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