Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire

Supporting New Hampshire's Wildlife Conservation Efforts

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire proudly serves as the official non-profit partner of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Our mission is to collaborate with wildlife professionals and conservation education partners to uphold New Hampshire's rich outdoor heritage. By raising funds and facilitating strategic initiatives, we contribute to the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of natural areas integral to cherished family traditions, such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and wildlife observation.

Our Projects and Initiatives

Over the years, the foundation has championed various projects aimed at enhancing the state's natural resources and promoting environmental stewardship. Some notable endeavors include:

  • Aerial stocking of trout into remote ponds to bolster fish populations
  • Monitoring river herring passage on the Lamprey River to safeguard aquatic ecosystems
  • Installation of informational kiosks in the Connecticut Lakes Natural Area to educate visitors about wildlife and habitats
  • Support for Fish and Game's Landowner Relations Program to foster positive relationships with landowners
  • Implementation of Conservation Canine search and rescue dogs to aid in wildlife conservation efforts
  • Publication of Wild Times for Kids, engaging educational material for youth interested in wildlife
  • Infrastructure enhancements at the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center and Barry Conservation Camp to support outdoor education initiatives

Funding Sources and Donations

The foundation's grants program relies on the generosity of individual and corporate donors, as well as proceeds from the annual auction of fish and game permits and licenses. We welcome general and targeted cash contributions, planned gifts, and tangible assets, with most donations qualifying for tax deductions.

Get Involved

To learn more about our foundation, explore ongoing projects, or make a meaningful contribution to wildlife conservation efforts, visit or contact us at or (603) 496-2778. Your support plays a crucial role in preserving New Hampshire's natural heritage for generations to come. Thank you for your dedication to wildlife conservation!

Supporting New Hampshire's Wildlife Legacy

Introducing the Wildlife Legacy Initiative

If you're passionate about preserving New Hampshire's rich natural heritage and ensuring access to its pristine landscapes, consider contributing to the Wildlife Legacy Initiative. This initiative, facilitated by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, aims to bolster the Landowner Relations Program, a vital effort dedicated to maintaining open access to private lands for outdoor enthusiasts like you.

How You Can Make a Difference

When purchasing your fishing or hunting license or making a donation, consider giving a little extra to support the Wildlife Legacy Initiative. Your contribution directly aids the Landowner Relations Program, safeguarding access to private lands and promoting harmonious relationships between landowners and outdoor enthusiasts.

What Your Donation Supports

Rest assured that 100% of your donation goes towards supporting this crucial initiative, ensuring that New Hampshire remains accessible to all who cherish its fish, wildlife, and natural landscapes. The Landowner Relations Program actively engages with local landowners, hunters, anglers, and wildlife enthusiasts to preserve access to open lands and address any concerns or challenges faced by landowners in facilitating public access.

How to Donate

Making a donation is simple. Whether you're purchasing your license in person or online at, just check off the $10 Wildlife Legacy Donation box. Your contribution will directly contribute to the conservation efforts of the Landowner Relations Program, helping to uphold New Hampshire's legacy of outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

Landowner Protections

New Hampshire State law provides certain protections for landowners who open their land to those using it for outdoor recreation. Learn more at

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