Elk Hunting in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Elk Hunting Laws & Regulations

Group Hunting and Accompanying Participants

  • Group Hunting Restriction: Group elk hunting, where multiple individuals engage in shooting, is not allowed.
  • Participation of Companions: People accompanying the hunter can partake in all aspects of the hunt, excluding the shooting of an elk.

Tagging and Transport of Elk

  • Carcass Tag Validation: Immediately upon killing an elk, and before field dressing or moving it, you must validate the carcass tag.
  • Tag Attachment: Attach the validated carcass tag to the elk before leaving it, but it's not mandatory to attach the tag while in the immediate presence of the carcass.
  • Field Dressing and Division: The elk may be divided into no more than five parts for removal from the field, with specific guidelines on how to separate the parts and what must remain attached.

Transport Regulations

  • Transport of Another’s Elk: It's illegal to transport another person’s unregistered elk unless accompanied by the individual who was issued the carcass tag.
  • Tag Responsibility: The individual who tags the elk must keep the carcass tag with the butchered meat until it is consumed.

Elk Registration

  • In-Person Requirement: Elk must be presented in person at a designated registration location.
  • Registration Deadline: Registration must occur by 5 p.m. the day after the carcass is recovered and before its removal from the elk management zone.
  • Providing Information: Hunters must provide location details of the kill and allow the DNR to collect tissue or other samples if requested.

General Restrictions and Requirements

  • Bag Limit: The bag limit is one bull elk per carcass tag, with a bull elk defined as an elk with an antler of at least 6 inches in length.
  • Clothing Recommendation: Blaze orange or fluorescent pink clothing is strongly recommended but not mandatory.
  • Feeding and Baiting: It's illegal to feed elk or hunt elk over bait.

What You Need To Hunt Elk

  • Elk Application: Must be completed and submitted.
  • Elk License: Issued only to Wisconsin residents and to those who win the license drawing.
  • Elk Carcass Tag: Required for legal hunting.
  • Orientation Course: Mandatory participation in a Wisconsin elk hunter orientation course.
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