Wisconsin Elk Season 2023-2024 Details

Elk Hunt Application Period

  • The application period for the 2023 elk hunt in Wisconsin is open until May 31.
  • Successful efforts have led to the successful restoration of Wisconsin's elk population.
  • An annual elk hunt has been conducted since 2018.

Elk Hunting Season (Archery, Crossbow, and Firearm)

  • Dates: Oct. 14 to Nov. 12 and Dec. 14 to Dec. 22, 2023.
  • The 2023 elk hunting season is limited to the northern elk management zone.
  • Successful applicants can choose to hunt during either period.


  • Only Wisconsin residents are eligible to receive an elk tag.
  • Elk license applications are available for $10 each and may be obtained once per person in person or online.

Application Fee

  • Each application includes a $7 fee, directly supporting elk management, monitoring, and research in Wisconsin.
  • Funds are utilized to improve elk habitat and benefit local wildlife.

Selection and Notification

  • Winners will be notified by early June.
  • Wisconsin residents can draw an elk tag only once in their lifetime.

Elk Hunter Orientation

  • Winners are required to attend a Wisconsin elk hunter orientation before obtaining an elk hunting license.
  • The course covers various topics related to elk hunting, including its history, laws, biology, behavior, and hunting methods.

Elk Quota Approval

  • This year's elk quota will be submitted to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board for approval in May.

More Information

  • For additional details on the elk hunt, visit the DNR Elk Hunting webpage.
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