Forestry Educational Resources in Wisconsin: Inspiring Young Minds

Fostering a Love for Forests

Wisconsin emphasizes the importance of outdoor activities and forest conservation education. Several resources are available to instill appreciation and understanding of forests in youth.

Classroom-Based Forestry Education Programs

  1. LEAF - Learning Experiences and Activities in Forestry

    • Overview: Established in 2001, LEAF is Wisconsin's K-12 forestry education program.
    • Impact: It has provided professional development for thousands of teachers and curriculum to hundreds of thousands of students.
    • Access: [LEAF Website][exit DNR]
  2. Project Learning Tree® (PLT)

    • Recognition: A globally acclaimed environmental education program.
    • Approach: Offers hands-on, interdisciplinary activities to educate youth on environmental issues.
    • Administration: Managed in Wisconsin by the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education.
    • Access: [Project Learning Tree Website][exit DNR]
  3. Wisconsin’s School Forest Program

    • History: Began in 1927; the first school forests were established in 1928.
    • Coverage: Includes 238 schools across all 72 Wisconsin counties.
    • Benefits: Integrates environmental education into curriculum, offers experiential learning, and promotes school-community ties.
    • Access: [School Forest Program Website][exit DNR]

Additional Forestry Education Resources

  • Forestry Song: Features the song "The Forest Is the Place Where We All Live" by Stuart Stotts, including lyrics, video clip, and the songwriter's biography.
  • In Grandpa's Woods: An interactive book for children.
  • Wisconsin Forest Tales: A historical fiction book offering insights into 150 years of forest history.

Basic Facts and Identification Tools

  • Tree Identification: Learn how to recognize different tree species.
  • Forest Insects and Diseases: Understand harmful elements in forests.
  • Invasive Species: Identification resources for invasive species.

Detailed Information and Analysis

  • Division of Forestry Strategic Direction: Get insights into the state's forestry strategy.
  • Forestry Publications: Access a range of forestry-related publications.
  • Forest Inventory and Analysis: Explore state forest census data.
  • Aerial Photos: Information on ordering aerial photos.
  • Forestry Geographic Information System Library: Learn about this extensive resource.

Planting Trees and Seeking Guidance

  • Forestry Assistance Locator: Connect with a forester for guidance.
  • Tree Seedlings: Find out how to order them.
  • Arbor Day Celebration Ideas: Discover ways to celebrate Arbor Day.
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