Wyoming Game and Fish Commission: Abandonment of Meat at Meat Processing Plants

Section 1: Authority

  • Regulatory Basis: Established under W.S. § 23-1-302(xvi)(xxii) and W.S. § 23-3-303.

Section 2: Definitions

  • Meat: Refers to meat from big game animals or game birds.
  • Meat Processing Plant: A custom meat or game processor licensed by the state of Wyoming as per W.S. § 35-7-707.
  • Last Known Mailing Address: The address of the license holder who harvested the meat or the address on the harvest license if no other address is provided.
  • Reasonable Time: Defined as ten calendar days following notification to department enforcement personnel.

Section 3: Responsibilities of Meat Processing Plants and Meat Owners

  • Time Limit for Storage: Meat from big game animals or game birds should not be left at a meat processing plant for more than 45 days.
  • Notification Process:
    • Post 45-day period, a notice is sent to the meat owner's last known mailing address.
    • The notice states that meat must be removed within ten calendar days from the postmarked date.
    • Plant operators must keep a record of the notice details.
  • Owner's Obligation: The meat owner must remove the meat within ten calendar days of the notice being postmarked.
  • Undeliverable Notices: If the notice is returned undeliverable, the plant operator should keep the returned letter.

Section 4: Notification to the Department

  • Reporting Requirement: The meat processing plant operator must immediately report to Wyoming Game and Fish Department enforcement personnel if meat is left beyond 45 days and not picked up as per regulations.

Section 5: Disposal of Abandoned Meat

  • Procedure: The disposal of abandoned meat from big game or game birds is governed by W.S. § 23-3-303(c).
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