Antelope Identification and Licensing Regulations

A Detailed Photo Comparison of a Male Buck Pronghorn and a Female Doe Pronghorn for the Purpose of Hunting and Wildlife Conservation

Antelope Characteristics for Identification

Identifying the sex and age of antelope is crucial, especially for hunters with licenses valid only for does and fawns.


  • Adult Males: Horns are prominent with a prong between the base and tip, extending beyond the ears.
  • Yearling Bucks: Horns are shorter, typically at ear length.
  • Does: Can grow horns, occasionally reaching ear length.

Cheek Patch

  • Yearling and Adult Bucks: Have a distinctive black cheek patch below the ear at the jaw angle.
  • Fawns: Males can be identified by black cheek patches, even without visible horns.
  • Females: Do not have the black cheek patch.

Specialized Hunting Licenses

(i) Type 9 Limited Quota: Valid exclusively for archery. No separate archery license required.
(ii) Type 0 Limited Quota: Valid for specialized hunting equipment like muzzle-loaders or handguns, but not for archery during special archery seasons.

Hunting Season Extension Permit

  • Must be possessed by qualified individuals and presented upon request by an enforcing officer.

Mandatory Hunter Safety

Reminder: Hunters born on or after January 1, 1966, must show proof of completing an approved hunter safety course unless exempt.

Regulations for Special Archery Seasons

(a) Dates and hunt areas for special archery seasons are specified in Section 2. Archers must adhere to restrictions specific to the hunt area and license type for these seasons.
(b) Archers need to possess both a restricted quota antelope license and an archery license to participate in special archery seasons for hunting.

Hunting Season Extension Permits for Antelope

(a) Qualified hunters with a Hunting Season Extension Permit may hunt antelope five days before the regular season opening in their licensed hunt areas, adhering to the limitations of their license type as detailed in Section 2.
(b) During the hunting season extension, the possession and immediate availability of the permit for inspection is mandatory.

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