Wyoming Cutt-Slam Program: Explore and Appreciate Cutthroat Trout Diversity

The Wyoming Cutt-Slam program, established in 1996, invites anglers to discover and appreciate Wyoming's diverse cutthroat trout subspecies while contributing to their conservation efforts.

How to Participate:

  1. Hit the Road: Venture into Wyoming's scenic landscapes to catch each of the four cutthroat trout subspecies in their native habitats.

  2. Capture the Moment: Snap a clear photo of your catch, noting the date and location of the catch.

  3. Online Application: Submit your photos and details through our online application at

Explore with the Interactive Map:

Visit our website to access the interactive Cutt-Slam fishing map, guiding you to the locations where each subspecies can be found.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Learn: Gain insights into Wyoming's cutthroat trout subspecies and their habitats.
  • Contribute: Contribute to the conservation efforts aimed at enhancing and preserving these precious resources.
  • Appreciate: Develop a deeper appreciation for Wyoming's natural beauty and biodiversity.

Explore the Cutthroat Trout Native Range

Upon successful verification of your Cutt-Slam achievement, you'll be rewarded with:

  • Color Certificate: Featuring all four cutthroat trout subspecies.
  • Decal: Advertise your accomplishment proudly.
  • Medallion: Provided through our partnership with Wyoming Trout Unlimited.

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