How to Find Regulations for Specific Waters

To find regulations for specific waters, follow these steps:

  1. Review Statewide Regulations:

    • Start by reviewing the Statewide Regulations for general fishing guidelines.
    • Keep in mind that there are exceptions to these regulations.
  2. Check Exceptions to Statewide Regulations:

    • Refer to the Exceptions to Statewide Regulations for each drainage area on the Area 1 Regulations.
    • Organize your search by the five Drainage Areas depicted on the provided map.
    • Locate the Drainage Area corresponding to your location on the map and proceed to that page.
    • Pay attention to the table of Creel and Possession Limits for your Area, noting any differences from Statewide Creel Limits.
  3. Identify Specific Regulations:

    • Look for the drainage area or specific water you intend to fish, listed alphabetically and numbered.
    • Specific regulations for each water will be provided, including any exceptions indicated by yellow, blue, or black dots on the maps.
    • Review regulations highlighted in YELLOW boxes for drainage areas, and locate relevant locations (numbers) on maps for stream and other exceptions.
  4. Review Additional Resources:

    • Double-check Statewide Regulations for any additional details or clarifications.
    • If you have questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact regional or statewide offices using the provided contact information.

Additional Information

  • Yellowstone National Park Fishing Regulations:

    • A Yellowstone National Park fishing permit is mandatory for fishing within the park boundaries.
    • Note that a state fishing license is not required.
    • Detailed regulations can be found online or by contacting 307-733-7381.
  • Wind River Tribal Reservation Fishing Regulations:

    • Traveling within or on the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation requires possession of a Wind River Tribal Fishing/Trespass Permit.
    • Obtain tribal fishing regulations at or by calling 307-332-7207.

Contact Information

  • Drainage Area Offices:

    • Contact the respective drainage area offices for assistance with specific regulations and inquiries.
  • Statewide Information:

    • For general inquiries or further assistance, reach out to the WGFD Telephone Information Center at the provided contact details.
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