Statewide Creel Limits

Trout (Excluding Brook Trout, Lake Trout, and Splake)

  • All Lakes: Six (6)
  • All Streams: Three (3), with a maximum of one (1) trout exceeding sixteen (16) inches.
  • Total Streams and Lakes Combined: Six (6)

Brook Trout

  • Limit: Sixteen (16)

Lake Trout and Splake

  • Limit: Six (6), with a maximum of one (1) exceeding twenty-four (24) inches.

Burbot (Ling)

  • Limit: Three (3). Refer to drainage area exceptions.

Channel Catfish

  • Limit: Six (6)

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

  • Limit: Six (6)

Northern Pike

  • Exceptions Apply: Refer to drainage area exceptions.


  • Limit: Two (2)

Shovelnose Sturgeon

  • Limit: Two (2)

Tiger Muskie (Sterile Northern Pike Muskellunge Hybrid)

  • Limit: One (1), with all tiger muskie less than thirty-six (36) inches required to be released immediately.


  • Limit: Six (6)


  • Limit: Six (6)

Yellow Perch, Black Bullhead, Stonecat, Crappie, Rock Bass, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, Green Sunfish, Green Sunfish-Bluegill Hybrid, Freshwater Drum (Combined)

  • Limit: Fifty (50)

Regulations Overview

  • Creel Limit: Harvest and possession shall not exceed specified numbers and lengths of game fish, as listed above.
  • Exceptions: Refer to drainage area regulations on the Area pages.
  • Trout Category Limit: Maximum combined creel and possession limit of six (6) trout per day or in possession, regardless of fishing location.
  • Immediate Release: Fish not counted in creel limit must be promptly released with minimal injury.
  • Transportation and Possession: Fish must be kept in a manner allowing species and numbers to be determined. Length limits require the whole body to remain intact or a piece of skin for identification.
  • Nongame Fish: No creel or possession limits apply. They may be taken using legal fishing methods during open seasons for game fish.
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